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Decembrie 21, 2015

Love is love…

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Since my moving to Brussels I have constantly obsessed about cutting the days off of my calendar which was always on my table just across my bed. At night, I would come home around 9 or even 10 o’clock and had a few things on my mind: shower, change into bed clothes, take the calming plant pills that my boss has given me and….cut another day off.

My calendar was full of hearts and circles and in blue or red colors. I used to put birthdays, free days, holidays and every sort of events which were very important to me. My secret – when waiting for something big to happen on one day was to get passed a few days without crossing at night so that when I did cross 4-5 days, it seemed time has flown quicker. I would be so happy using this trick and seeing how close I am to what I really wanted.

Every time I would go home to Bucharest or to my childhood town, I would make a special calendar just for the remaining days. I used to count the same way. It always seemed so long. I have always loved my country and I am a true Romanian girl who was forced to study and work in a different place. In my heart I always knew only Paris could conquer me to the fullest, but otherwise I would be forever in love with my capital city, Bucharest.

Last year I have had the chance to stay home for almost a month and a half. I have finished school on the 12th of December and I had my exam week until the 19th. I have had the most wonderful boss and I will always thank her for giving me time to study and also to be for the first time in my life an employee with a real salary, a real rent and bills and a real adult. I went home on the 12th of December and booked a ticket to come back the 9th of January. I could only think: what an enormous vacation, I cannot wait to savoir it. And when I mean savoir it, I do mean savoir it.

I did everything one man can do in a whole year. I went to the mountains and climbed with the cable tramway and ate the best food at the only restaurant on top of the mountain at 2000m above everyone else. I went to feel the sand even though it was January and WE drove the car almost into the sea. It was raining a bit but I went to pick up shells to make a pretty arrangement for home.

I have the most wonderful lover in the world. He took me everywhere…we ate almost every day at a new restaurant because I wanted to know them all, to know my city and what it has best. There were so many places I would have gone to discover that I did not have time. That is how we came up with our top list of venues. We would take the car and he would ask me…what do you feel about eating tonight? And we would both think, almost every time, I swear, the same place and the same food. We never ate the same things, never. We were so different in our culinary choices.  But we loved the same places.

At night we would come back home to our little one room apartment, 17 square meters and we would laugh again and again, we would watch a movie or the news and i would fall asleep before him a lot of the times. I could never go to sleep, though, without touching him. I would put my hand on one of his arms or legs or simply crawl into his lap and sleep.

I have had the most peaceful nights with this man. I could not believe we were two people instead of one. When we were together…we rose like the sun and burned.


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