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Decembrie 21, 2015


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I have never really understood how it works. One day you get tired of it all and you think: This is not for me. I am not able to do this. I don t need it anymore.

The words keep going on and on in your head and you feel dizzy and you want to laugh and to cry at the same. You blame the others and then you blame God and the Earth and the Sun but always forget to blame yourself. That is in the beginning. Then, you calm down and waste all your tears until you finally realize that IT WAS YOU from day one. YOU were the one who put you in this situation. As hard as you wanted to ignore this, there is no one else to blame. You have been awarded with a life and a soul and you have wasted a part of those things until they said they have had enough.

Can you go back? Never. Your face is swallowed, your eyes are red, and your hands are shaking. You look like a mess, darling. Haven’t we all been there? How do they say….get up, stand up? You should fix your make up and start over. But are you strong enough to forget everything and anything?

Sorrow is long. Tears are numerous and long nights without getting an hour of sleep are countless. And then it hits you.

One day your world is turned upside down in the minute you could swear you don’t need it, don’t want it and never will. But it has its way of coming back. At first you feel little, almost nothing about it. You also might have tried to ignore it and mock it but it stands right in your face. You pass by it but it follows you and it starts to scare you. You have always known it has a way to do so but it has never happened to you.

Good things come for those who wait. Now you know and you have to admit it…it’s back…and it’s better than before. Love has reborn like a Phoenix. You fall in love and you want it to last. You want to remember. First kiss, first place you held hands, first movie you have seen together, the first bouquet of flowers or first time you held onto each-other. There are so many things to be remembered. And so little time.


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